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Frequently Asked Questions

What ratio to boys/girls is the club, am I going to feel like the token perv male in the room?
We generally get around 50/50 boys/girls at the club, all of whom are lovely, warm, slightly bookish wronguns. That said if your intention is to turn up and to be "that weirdo in the corner" we'd rather you didn't.

Do I have to dress up?
No, This isn't a fetish event, we don't expect people to rock up in full latex ponygear, however if you really want to then who are we to say you can't.

Is there a bar?
No, this isn't a club, book clubbers often bring a bottle of wine to share, or some lovely snacks but the point of the evening is chatting about filthy books, not getting blotto.

Is there a play session afterwards?
No this is a book club, you should perhaps look here instead

Is it full of hot chicks to pick up?
This is a book club, not a singles night. We're all pretty god damn hot, but you're better off taking your nice shirt and heading to Leicester Square. People come here to talk about the books, some people become friends and hang out outside book club.
We all know who "That Guy" is, don't be "That Guy".

Does it matter if I've not read the book?
Yes, obviously the conversation is about the book so reading it would be a great idea & a bit No, our host Elle somehow never reads the books but always manages to join in just fine.

How old is everyone?
Most of us are in our 20's and 30's however we've had everyone from a 6-month-old young chap called Woody through to people arriving using their freedom pass.

I've written an erotic novel, can I send it to you to read it?
No, I'm sure it's amazing, but we're not a proofing house for your erotica, and we're not here to give you feedback. If we're all going to spend our month reading a book, we ideally want someone (a publisher) to have cut the wheat from the chaff before we get to it.

But I've published my book as an e-book and it's free. You'd love it, it's a game changer in the world of erotica!
Dude, we seriously don't want to read your book. Sorry we like to discover titles for ourselves x

Maybe you could promote my book to your mailing list for me instead?
We're really sorry, but we are not here to give feedback or promotion for your erotic books. People are on our mailing list because they want to find out when the next book club is, not to be sold stuff.

Can you help me get my novel published?
We're amateurs, we read erotic books, have a drink and talk filth about them. We don't know any publishers, we don't work for publishers, we wouldn't even know where to point you. We're an erotic book club.


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