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Held on the last Thursday of every month, London's Erotic Book Club is a small gathering of pervs who devour and discuss the naughty masterpieces of literature. We savour both modern and classic filth, erotic fiction and personal memoirs, by male and female authors.

Meet 8pm on the Last Thursday Of The Month

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Our next meeting will be:
Thursday 26th June 2014.

This month we're reading:

house of holes

The Image by Jean de Berg

"The Image" is one of the most acclaimed and famous erotic novels of all time. One of only five erotic novels credited with true literary status by Susan Sontag (in her essay "The Pornographic Imagination").

A novel of bondage, dominance, and submission in the tradition of "The Story of O." The narrator, Jean, is assisted by Claire in the domination of the subservient Anne in a series of sexually explicit scenarios"

Grab yourself a copy, get reading and join us at 8pm on 26th June for the Erotic Book Club.

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Haus of LaBeija
45 Geffrye Court
Geffrye Estate
N1 6RX
Map: http://tinyurl.com/l2yuob9



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